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This site provides documentation for my implementation of a Client Library for the adCenter API written in PHP. As Microsoft doesn't provide any official Client Libraries you currently need to create your own code to build the appropriate SOAP requests and process the responses using their developer documentation. I've made my implementation available to download from sourceforge to save other developers time.

The initial version supports the entire Reporting Service of both v7 and v8, and I'm currently developing code for the Campaign Management API. It's build on top of the PHP 5 SOAP extension so you need to have that enabled for it to work.

This library is built by Ewan Heming, who is a freelance developer of AdWords and adCenter API software. If you want to save time on your current project, then you could check out my new tool that simplifies downloading data from the AdWords and adCenter APIs. It pulls down reports from both APIs then arranges them into a MySQL database; meaning you can skip an entire stage of project development.

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